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We have extensive experience in all forms of litigation. It is our aim that you can understand what the best course of action is for you, the client, to take during the stages of the legal process, whether it be during preliminary hearings, mediation or trial. Your best interests as the client are in our best interest as a firm.

It is advisable that you seek legal advice at an early stage. It is important that any communication with an opposing party you do not waive your legal rights.

If you are considering bringing a legal action, you should collect all documents, records and other evidence relating to the dispute and consider them as a whole. It may be the case that evidence of a past occurrence may have an adverse effect on your claim.

Pre-action dispute resolution should always be attempted. The other party to the dispute should be contacted to see if the matter can be settled out of Court. By having pre-action dispute resolution, you can gather some intelligence and potentially reserve your position in relation to costs. Once you commence the Court process you are committed until there is a resolution.

It is advisable that you prepare much of your action prior to commencing proceedings in the Court. The benefit of this approach is that once the Court process has begun you should not have any issue complying with milestones in the Court process.

If you have been served with Court process, you should seek legal advice immediately, if you do not comply with the Court milestones, you must may lose your right to challenge the claim.

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